As reported by World Health Organization, Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) represent today the leading cause of death worldwide. In many cases, e.g. heart failure, prevention is fundamental, but it is made difficult by technological limits along with the unavailability of reliable and easy-to-use diagnostic tools, particularly at domiciliary level.

This line of research focuses on the design and development of noninvasive devices for the prevention and early diagnosis of CVDs.

Development includes both the phase of the design of the hardware and the phase of signal processing at software level. Our interest mainly concerns the design of innovative techniques for the acquisition and analysis of electrocardiographic signal and heart sounds.

Our long-term goal is to set up a telemedicine system for the home monitoring of at-risk patients based on our developed devices.


  • Marco Knaflitz (Full Professor)
  • Noemi Giordano (Ph.D. Student)