After the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of telemedicine has risen in importance because it allows monitoring and delivering therapies remotely. Telerehabilitation has been demonstrated to be beneficial for the patient and the healthcare system, reducing costs and giving more freedom to the patient in the approach to therapy. The project aims to develop methods that quantify patients’ impairment levels with low-cost instrumentation to pair them with a custom telerehabilitation program that enables remote monitoring of patients. In particular, the study focuses on the reach-to-grasp movement, a fundamental movement of daily living. In particular, both the electrical activity of the muscles (EMG) and the kinematics of the movement are analysed.


  • Gregorio Dotti (Ph.D. Student)
  • Marco Ghislieri (Assistant Professor with time contract (RTDa))
  • Gabriella Balestra (Confirmed Assistant Professor)
  • Samanta Rosati (Assistant Professor with time contract (RTD/b))
  • Marco Knaflitz (Full Professor)