Balance control is a complex motor skill, which involves the integration of many types of sensory information (sight, vestibular system and proprioception). Postural control can be modified by sensory input alterations consequent to a pathology: vision loss (retinopathy, macular degeneration), vestibular disorders (labyrinthitis, schwannoma), peripheral neuropathy (diabetes), and chronic ankle instability consequent to ankle sprains. On the other hand, specific sports training can improve balance control through an improved multisensory integration (e.g. in dancers, in football players or in volleyball players).


  • Valentina Agostini (Associate Professor)
  • Marco Ghislieri (Research Assistant)
  • Marco Knaflitz (Full Professor)
  • Collaborators:

  • Prof. Maria Grazia Benedetti, Dr. Luciana Labanca - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Unit (IRCCS), Istituto Ortopedico Rizzoli, Bologna
  • Dott. Chanda Cavallini, Neuro-ophtalmology Unit at C. Sperino clinic (Ophthalmic Hospital of Torino, Italy)

  • Recent publications:

  • The role of central vision in posture: Postural sway adaptations in Stargardt patients
      V. Agostini, A. Sbrollini, C. Cavallini, A. Busso, G. Pignata and M. Knaflitz
      Gait & Posture
  • Postural control after traumatic brain injury in patients with neuro-ophthalmic deficits
      V. Agostini, E. Chiaramello, C. Bredariol, C. Cavallini and M. Knaflitz
      Gait & Posture
  • Postural sway in volleyball players
      V. Agostini, E. Chiaramello, L. Canavese, C. Bredariol and M. Knaflitz
      Human Movement Science
  • Muscle Synergy Assessment During Single-Leg Stance
      M. Ghislieri, M. Knaflitz, L. Labanca, G. Barone, L. Bragonzoni, M. G. Benedetti, and V. Agostini
      IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering
  • A wearable device to assess postural sway
      V. Agostini, E. Aiello, D. Fortunato, M. Knaflitz, and L. Gastaldi
      2019 IEEE 23rd International Symposium on Consumer Technologies (ISCT)