• Position: Confirmed Assistant Professor
  • Email: gabriella.balestra@polito.it
  • Phone number: 011-090-4236
  • ORCID Identifier: 0000-0003-2717-648X
  • Publications: Publication list at IRIS@POLITO
  • Curriculum Vitae: Download

  • Biography:

    Gabriella Balestra received the Italian Laurea in computer science from the Università di Torino and the Ph.D. degree from the Politecnico di Torino, Torino, Italy. Since 1993 she has been on the Faculty of Politecnico di Torino, where she teaches decision support systems. Her research interests include biomedical signal interpretation, decision support systems, medical informatics, and telemedicine.

    Research areas:

  • Identification of Active Bone Marrow from CT images
  • Medical Device Software
  • Clinical Process Modelling
  • Analysis of the Physicians’ Workload in a Reference Center for the Treatment of Thrombotic and Bleeding Disorders
  • Machine learning for muscle activation patterns identification during cyclical movements
  • Radiomics and AI for CAD Systems development
  • Radio-pathomics for personalized chemotherapy treatment
  • AI for the development of medical devices for telemedicine applications

  • Ongoing funded projects:

  • Supervisione della progettazione dei momenti formativi previsti per le aziende beneficiarie
  • Schiera attiva indossabile multi-sensore per la prevenzione dello scompenso cardiaco

  • Teaching activities:

    Teachings list at DET@POLITO

    Thesis proposals:

    Thesis proposals list at DET@POLITO